Abhishek Panchal

Principal Architect (Morphallaxis Ahmedabad, India)
M.Arch, AVATAR, UCL, London
B. Arch. (2006) The M. S. University, Baroda

Abhishek Panchal has over 7 years of work professional consultation, research and teaching experience. He is the director of morphallaxis and has worked in close association with some of the reputed and well established architectural practices in India. Abhishek was a key member of the core design team for large scale residential as well as commercial projects during his stint at HCPDPM. He later went on to London, UK to pursue an M.Arch from The University College London (UCL). On his return, he started working on local projects, and hence happened, morphallaxis. At mophallaxis, He is committed to mould morphallaxis into a modern day design laboratory, where experimentation continues to envisage and germinate the novel.




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